Brenda Tierney Joyce

I’m the owner and founder of Tierney Joyce Digital & Visual Communications and I’ve been involved in the advertising, design & marketing industries for many years.

A bit of background

I was very fortunate to get a position working in large media companies in London just after graduating from DCU in Communications Studies and this was where I first cut my teeth in that industry, gaining a lot of knowledge about how the media operates as a business, in terms of advertising and media planning.

I progressed from there to working in Design & Advertising agencies where I worked initially as a graphic designer, a senior designer and then a creative director. A lot of the campaigns and projects I worked on involved significant budgets, with well known clients, so there was a lot at stake but the creativity involved was exhilarating. I also worked in large corporates, helping them to structure their communications departments and establish in-house setups.

Print design gradually progressed into digital design, something that interested me hugely as soon as it started appearing on the scene, so I immediately jumped into training in multi media and online animation. Eventually this led to website design, coding and animated video.

After many years in these various areas it was a natural progression to start my own business. I had built up significant experience as well as a solid contact list of media professionals. I wanted to be able to offer small and medium sized businesses the chance to avail of a full agency service without necessarily having to have a huge budget. This involved structuring freelance teams using my contacts and industry experience, which could be customised to suit the client, the project and the budget.

I’ve worked with some incredible clients in my business and many have been with me since I first opened my doors. I absolutely love the variety of work, the creativity involved and the challenge to create something unique for each and every business.

But the key to all of it is getting results, that’s the most important aspect. My focus is helping clients to grow their business, increase revenue and move into new markets.

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If you’d like to discuss a creative project please get in touch.