Strata Financial

Initial Design Treatment

Project: Brand refresh and website development.

Project Commencement: Jan 2024

The Starting Point

Messages on current site

  • Direction – move your business forward
  • Work with us anywhere
  • We give you direction and focus
  • We know what it takes – moving your business forward
  • Forward planning – moving your business forward
  • We give you direction and focus
  • Dynamic. Knowledgeable. Connected.
  • Our philosophy is to provide highly effective, quality driven, and value-based services to success focused businesses and individuals.
  • We pride ourselves on the excellency of our specialised services and on the lasting business relationships we form with our clients.
  • Focused heavily on delivering a strategic and personal partnership, we deliver proactive focused advice that works, making you more efficient and profitable.
  • We’re Proactive, not Reactive.

Core Values

Vital messages on new site

  • Trust
  • Credibility
  • Reputation
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Responsibility

Visual Cues

  • Edgy without pushing boundaries too far
  • Strength
  • Direction
  • Quality
  • Knowledge

Priority Users on Website

Who will use the site? (order of priority)

  • Potential new Recruits
  • New clients seeking assurance
  • Website not essential to win new business

The Name

Strata (plural of stratum) comes from the Latin meaning “something that has been laid down,” like asphalt or a bedsheet, but is generally used to describe layers of something.

How does that relate to Strata Financial?

  • Multi-layered
  • Multi-faceted
  • Multi-aspect
  • Multi-tiered

1. Initial Logo/Typography Treatment

  • Various elements & layers combine to make up the whole – segmented typographic style gives that effect.
  • Slightly edgy and contemporary but still has a clean business-like appearance.
  • The typeface alone gives a clean design edge with no need for an additional motif.

Colour Palette

Preferred colour palette for client is black & white. Additional accent colours can be added if required. Suggestions and additional palette can be provided.

2. Initial Illustrations Treatment

  • Layers
  • Tiered
  • Sequential

3. Initial Photo Styles Treatment

  • Growth
  • Knowledge
  • Direction
  • Partnership

Abstract concepts

Nature/Eco concepts

Business Related Examples

Combining Logo, Illustration & Photo Style Treatments in sample Intro Video

Please click below to play video.

Cross-Functional skills thriving in a multi-faceted environment, with a diverse workforce. This is the future of accountancy.